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Once Upon a time


45min no intermission


Joy Shepherd Performing Arts Centre at St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls


Sat 23rd April 11am

Sat 23rd April 12:30pm

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Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away a princess was born. Her name, Aurora. 


Our story begins on the morning of Aurora’s christening, with the kingdom’s fairies invited to bless the newborn. One by one the fairies bestow special gifts to the girl, of beauty, strength, and kindness. 


But before the last is finished, an uninvited guest arrives. It’s Maleficent, with her army in tow. Instead of blessing the sleeping baby, the evil fairy places a curse, condemning the princess to prick her finger on a spindle on her sixteenth birthday and die. 


As the palace erupts in despair the Lilac Fairy calls for calm. Instead of dying at sixteen, she declares, the princess will fall into a deep sleep where she will remain until her one true love breaks the spell. 


As the years pass by Aurora grows into a beautiful, kind, and fair young Princess. Having not been told of Maleficent’s curse, the teenager is looking forward to her upcoming sixteenth birthday, the whole Kingdom invited. 


The day arrives and celebrations begin. Aurora, dancing around the ballroom, her friends soon joining in. Then a mysterious guest arrives handing the princess a bouquet of flowers. Spellbound by their beauty, Aurora dances with the flowers around the ballroom in a daze. Until all of a sudden, she throws the bouquet to the floor, holding a finger in pain. A guest picks up the flowers discovering a long thin needle inside. A spindle. 


As Aurora begins to feel unwell, collapsing onto the ballroom floor, the mysterious guest removes their hood. It’s the evil fairy Maleficent, victorious in her belief the Princess has died from her curse cast all those years ago. 


Just then, the Lilac Fairy arrives and reminds the palace of the spell she cast at Aurora’s Christening, sending the Princess to sleep rather than death, only to be awakened by her one true love. With the help of the other fairies, the Lilac Fairy casts another spell, sending the whole castle into a deep sleep until that fateful day in the future when true love’s kiss undoes both her spells. 


One hundred years have passed since Princess Aurora and her Kingdom were spelled to sleep. Whilst stuck inside their dreams, the fairies have been busy keeping Maleficent away. Over the years, the evil fairy has grown stronger, and it’s become clear that no one is safe until Aurora’s true love arrives. 


After a century of searching, the Lilac Fairy believes she has finally found the man who can break her spell. His name: Prince Désiré. 


While hunting one day, the prince hears the Lilac fairy calling to him. So drawn to her voice, he follows the sound. As soon as the Lilac Fairy tells Prince Désiré of the beautiful, sleeping Princess, he sets off to find her. 

When he sees Aurora’s peaceful sleeping face, the prince bends down and gently kisses the young Princess. In that moment, breaking the spell, awakening Aurora and her Kingdom. 


Having fallen in love at first sight, the Prince and Princess decide to marry. Their wedding: a royal celebration with the whole Kingdom once again invited to attend. 


In a show of forgiveness, the evil fairy Maleficent is also invited. The Prince and Princess intent on having peace for their land. 


Fairy tale characters from far and wide make the journey to the castle for the celebration. Among them, Puss in Boots and Little Red Riding Hood, presenting their stories as gifts to the young couple. 


As the night draws to a close, the newlyweds have their first dance and like most fairy tales of course, the Princess and her Prince live happily ever after. 

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